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A 87 year old man with Shingles

A 87 year old man came to see me with a case of shingles located on his back, and spreading onto the left side of the abdomen. He had severe eruptions, red, blistering. The pain he experienced at the time was like splinters and fire. It was excruciating. He was very...

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A case of chronic Migraine Headache

Linda came to see me in January 2012, for chronic migraine headache. It started 10 years ago. The headace was mainly located behind the eyeball on the right side. It is a dull ache. She cannot tolerate noises or light, and prefer to be quiet. She has high anxiety...

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A little boy’s fear of constipation

Peter came to see me 3 years ago looking shy, and bouncing around on his own feet. He also had a fearful look in his eyes. He appeared very delicate and skinny. He was 6 years old at the time. His mother said that the main problem was that he feared going to the...

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