Linda came to see me in January 2012, for chronic migraine headache. It started 10 years ago. The headace was mainly located behind the eyeball on the right side. It is a dull ache. She cannot tolerate noises or light, and prefer to be quiet. She has high anxiety about basic things of life, she is very down to earth person. Steve is her first husband, and have no children. She worries that if her husband dies, who will take care of her. He does a lot for her. She is very easy going, likes her solitude, very private. She has a big phobia of heights and does not like bugs. Morning are worse for her as far as the pain goes. She even seem to wake up with the pain. She also is experiencing hair loss, bald spot on her scalp. The pain is like a hot poker,(knife,sharp), on eyeball, behind eyes, pressed on nose root, it hurts. She is very hungry during the pain. Her husband and her have just moved to Hawaii, and she did experience a huge amount of stress with the move. She loves bread, butter, cheese, salty. She is not thirsty at all. She has difficulty loosing weight and had gained weight in the last 5 years. I did asked more question about the headache. She said that it starts on the neck area most of the times, goes down on the shoulder area, it is very stiffed. She had try to stretch and it does not help. After intense analysis of the case I came up with the Homeopathic remedy Calcarea Carbonica 200c. The remedy helped right away. I had her take the remedy again for about 3 more times, and since she is free of migraine headache, and enjoy her life in Hawaii.