Classical Homeopathy by Francine Kanter

Office Homeopathic Consultations

Classical HomeopathicThe Homeopathic interview is a thorough investigation into the state of your health. A detailed understanding is needed of you as a whole person. How you express illness and health, respond to the environment, and generally how you experience life is very important from a Homeopathic perspective. As Homeopaths, we also consider you and your family’ medical and emotional history in determining your constitutional susceptibilities and sensitivities. As you might imagine, this kind of indepth interview takes a fair amount of time. We generally allow approximately 2 hours to accomplish this, but will take as much time as needed, in order to feel we have reached a clear understanding of you as a person.

After the interview, we compare what we have learned about you with what we know of the Homeopathic remedies and analyze, research, and select the appropriate remedy and the potency that corresponds to your individual constitution.

At the 3 to 6 week point, we have our first follow-up appointment to evaluate the action of the remedy and fine tune the treatment. Francine is also available for questions and clarifications before the Homeopathic follow-up appointment if needed.

Homeopathic follow-up appointments are approximately 30-45 minutes long and are scheduled monthly, reducing in frequency as you become healthier.

Acute and first aid appointments are scheduled as needed.

Web/Skype Homeopathic consultations

Web consultations are common in Francine’s practice. Since physical examinations are not necessary for a Homeopathic evaluation, the effectiveness of the treatment is equivalent to office visits.Many patients appreciate the convenience and increased feeling of privacy, while having their Homeopathic evaluation over the web.


For new patients, the initial consultation includes an opening of a file, private consultation with the patient of approximately 2 hours, analyze of the case, 2-3 hours, and also includes Homeopathic Remedies needed.

  •  $250


Follow-ups appointments includes private consultation with the patient, of approximately 30-45 minutes, review of the analysis of the case if needed, and also includes Homeopathic Remedies needed.
For all patients, I include at no charge a brief communication thru phone calls or e-mail, if needed, between appointments.

  •  $75


For patients that wish to come back for a Homeopathic Consultation after a period of 9 months, a full consultation fee is charged of $250.