Fee Schedule | Classical Homeopathy by Francine Kanter

The First Appointment:
This appointment is a long one in order to gather the information necessary to determine a constitutional remedy. having taken your full history I then have to analyze that information in order to individualize the remedy. This may take an additional 1-3 hours. No two people with eczema or migraines, for example, will necessarily need the same homeopathic remedy. The fee for the first appointment includes this additional work, as well as all brief e-mails and phone calls between appointments.
-First appointment for an adult:  $250.00 (2 hours)
-First appointment for children under 10: $200.00 (1 1/2 hours)
Follow-up Appointment:
I see people every 4-8 weeks depending on the severity of their complaint(s), with updates needed between appointments to make sure we are on the right direction.
Follow-up appointments can be arrange by phone, on request.
A 30 minutes appointment is adequate for children, as well as adults seen on a regular basis.
Re-assessment appointment: may be needed for children or adults, that I have not seen in one year or longer.
-Follow-up Appointment, adult or child: $75.00
-Reassessment Appointment: $125.00
Acute Appointment:
If you or your child falls ill between visits and would like a separate appointment , I offer a telephone service in order to evaluate what remedy is needed at that moment.
The fee is $50.00
Keeping in touch between appointments is crucial, I always ask my patients to keep in touch by e-mails, text, or phone calls between appointments for brief updates, I do not charge for these.
Payment options are credit card, checks, cash.

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