A case of eczema

I was diagnosed with eczema. After going to 4 dermatologists and trying many alternative modalities over 5 years, I was only getting worse. My husband suggested I try homeopathy. I made an appointment with Francine. She spent 2 hours with me asking many detailed questions in order to get the right remedy. She also made herself available to me at any time of the day. It took a little while to find the right remedy, but I am on the right track and am making wonderful healing progress.


Knee pain due to lost of cartilage

I had terrible pain in my left knee and after going to different doctors and lots of pain killers, they diagnosed arthritis. Doctors told me that I had lost all cartilages in my knee and the solution was a partial knee replacement.

After being reluctant to have surgery, I was recommended by a friend to try homeopathic treatment, which I had never tried before. I made an appointment with Francine Kanter; after the treatment started, amazingly, I began to feel great relief to the pain in my knee. I got to a point, two months after the homeopathic treatment, and without any pain killers, that the pain was completely gone. I had cancelled surgery and I’m not taking medication anymore.

I’m now a true believer of homeopathic medicine trough the wise and expert treatment from Francine Kanter.


Fernando B.



Francine has helped my family so much. My son has seizures, chemical sensitivities and food sensitivities. Thanks to Francine and homeopathy, it has been 3 months since he has had a seizure, his energy is back, he can concentrate on his schooling and he is on his way to becoming a healthy person once again. She has helped me with my IBS and anxiety. Just a few months ago, I didn´t even want to leave my house because the anxiety and IBS were so severe. The IBS is gone and the anxiety doesn´t hold me back any longer. My daughter´s physical and emotional health has also benefited greatly from Francine´s expertise. She is very knowledgeable and caring and we are so happy that we have her to guide us to better health.

Brandy Avila

San Juan Capistrano, CA


The Natural Way

My name is Michelle B. and I have been seeking Homeopathy care from Francine Kanter for the past 10 years.

She was referred to me by a friend of mine, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone.

Francine Kanter has personally treated and helped me with IBS, Vertigo and Strep Throat to name a few more personal problems I sought help with.

After coming down with Vertigo at work, and sought help that evening, I was able to return to work the next day.

My co-workers were amazed to see me back at work so soon, after seeing just how sick I was.

She has helped my two sons with teething, ear infections, and pink eye in a natural healthy way through Homeopathy.

They responded quicker and built stronger immune systems since they didn’t have to take antibiotics for each little ailments that came up.

I am so grateful to have a natural way to keep my family healthy.  Thank you!

Gratefully, M.Bourassa


The Natural Way

“I began working with Francine in 1995 after an unexpected hysterectomy and

during some huge life changes. I was desperate and was introduced to her and

homeopathy. I wasn’t expecting much. Now, it’s 2011 and I am a “believer”, both

in Francine and in homeopathy. I took a break for several years and that convinced

me of what was missing in my overall health. Homeopathy can seem mysterious, but

Francine has mastered its healing powers and has given me the confidence over the

years to trust in it. When I turn to more conventional medicine, I am usually sorry

I didn’t call her first…. she always has a treatment ready to take care of me!!!!

Just listen to her, do what she says, and you’ll get long-lasting results and a process

of healing.” Jo Bernard, California



All I can say is, wow, thanks for giving me so much an in depth glimpse into the hmeopathic world and the detailed work that you put into it. I’m so happy for you that your work is such a labor of love-make that an “act” of love and support for others. You are so professional and yet so warm and friendly-not a balanced combination that I come across often, so I send you a big Mahalo.

Zarah Duffy, Kauai, Hawaii



It has been my pleasure to have Francine Kanter as my homeopathic practitioner.

I started the treatment to alleviate some of the symptoms due to a very stressful job. I was very tired, to tired to exercise, and had gained a lot of weight. This also had taken an emotional tole on me.

Francine was very conscientious in analyzing my symptoms, and once I began the granules, she monitored my progress diligently.

Today I am much better, and give kudos to Francine for my healthy condition.

Elayne from California


Baby Blues

I have been connected to Homeopathy since I was suffering of “Baby Blues” after a series of miscarriages I have had in the early 1990’s.
In 1995, while I was pregnant, for the last time (and the good one ) I have had a problem that I could have only solved with medication, but due to my special condition, I was not supposed to take any.

So I had a conference call with Francine, because I knew her since we were both attending University, and also because she was a Classical Homeopath Practitioner.

Over the phone, she was able to find quickly what was the problem, out of my symptoms, and she prescribed me a product I could order directly from my local Drugstore. I knew that Francine was compassionate, but since then, I knew she was competent also.
So lately, when I found her on LinkedIn, I was proud to put this recommendation on her Page:

“Francine is a skilled homeopath practitioner, dedicated to her patient’s health condition. She is a compassionate listener and her treatments produce excellent results. I do not hesitate to warmly recommend her. She can offers consultation over Skype, in French as well as in English.” Marie-Hélène Lessard, CRHA, CPC Montreal.

Thanks Francine!

Marie-Hélène Lessard,

Montreal, Canada