A case of absent seizure or “petit mal”! When the parents brought their son David to me, in 2003, he was already having seizures for 2 years, he was diagnosed as having absent seizures. The symptoms are rolling up his head, his eyes were rolling up in his head, smack his lips, chewing motions of the mouth. During the seizure, he loose awareness of what is going on in his surrounding. David was having in average 20 seizures per day. Certain things in the environment tend to trigger the seizures, such as chemicals, strong perfumes, hunger. He tend to jerk in his sleep. He says that upon having the seizure he sees black or he can see everything. Upon taking the case, I noticed that David was very loquacious, he had a strong fear of dogs and a mild fear of the dark. He has dark circles under his eyes. He is extremely sensitive, he is possessive of his belongings, does not like to share. At age 2, they have to pulled his front teeth, severe decays, very slow at healing. In the last 6 months he had develop warts. He struggles with his concentration, no focus at school. Than I decided to take the mother’s case, in order to have a better understanding of David. After analysis, I gave David the remedy Causticum 1m. Right away the seizures started to diminished. Over the next few months, he was still having seizures but definitely as severe or as frequent. I retook the case and gave him the remedy Calcarea Carbonica 1M. Right away there was a change with him, he was nicer, his mother reported, and than he got very sick with a throat and nose infection. Approximately 3 months after taking this remedy, David was free of seizures. As of today, David and his parents still consult with me on a regular basis for acute problems and his ADD issues. He is still free of seizures and is a happy young adult, leading a normal life.