Baby Blues

I have been connected to Homeopathy since I was suffering of “Baby Blues” after a series of miscarriages I have had in the early 1990’s.
In 1995, while I was pregnant, for the last time (and the good one ) I have had a problem that I could have only solved with medication, but due to my special condition, I was not supposed to take any.

So I had a conference call with Francine, because I knew her since we were both attending University, and also because she was a Classical Homeopath Practitioner.

Over the phone, she was able to find quickly what was the problem, out of my symptoms, and she prescribed me a product I could order directly from my local Drugstore. I knew that Francine was compassionate, but since then, I knew she was competent also.
So lately, when I found her on LinkedIn, I was proud to put this recommendation on her Page:

“Francine is a skilled homeopath practitioner, dedicated to her patient’s health condition. She is a compassionate listener and her treatments produce excellent results. I do not hesitate to warmly recommend her. She can offers consultation over Skype, in French as well as in English.” Marie-Hélène Lessard, CRHA, CPC Montreal.

Thanks Francine!

Marie-Hélène Lessard,

Montreal, Canada