This is a case of a 60 year old lady,that came to me for vertigo. She described her symptoms as her head feels almost thick, very difficult to think on the onset. She feels dizzy, whoozy, her stomach feels unsettle. “I felt I wanted to be quiet, to escape.” I loose balance and can’t walk properly.As it progresses I get nausea and may vomit. I tend also to get a mild headache, I lay in a quiet room, no noise, quiet. She described herself of having a strong sense of responsibility, care of others. She suffered of abuse and neglect as a child and mostly all her life. She is very stressed, she is a business lady and is not married, so she says she can’t be missing work. She is very compulsive about work. She says, “ I am all alone and nobody to care for me. “ Lacking protection, security. She has a fear of heights and is claustrophobic. Fear of spiders. She likes dancing. Upon analysis of her case, I gave her the homeopathic remedy Calcarea Carbonica 200C. With only one dose of that remedy and all symptoms of vertigo, disappeared completely.