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Peter came to see me 3 years ago looking shy, and bouncing around on his own feet. He also had a fearful look in his eyes. He appeared very delicate and skinny. He was 6 years old at the time. His mother said that the main problem was that he feared going to the bathroom and he hold it. He can hold it for days. He also, very frequently gets severe chest cold, that turned into severe bronchitis, and sometimes ear infection. He craves milk and meat. He can be very obstinate and does not care if his mother punished him. He is extremely restless, even in my office, he could not stay still for more than 10 seconds. At times, when he does not get what he wants, he gets angry, and can have some violent reactions. I asked him what happens when he feels he needs to go to the bathroom, so he got up and he started bouncing on his feet and screaming, saying no, no, no, and crying a little. He says it hurts him, even to think about it. Upon observing his body’s characteristics, I found out that he had extremely long eyelashes, and also long body hair for his age. So, after analyzing the case, I prescribed him Tuberculinum Bovinum, 1M. The mother called me one week after taking the one dose, and reported that he did fine. The day after, he had a bowel movement and went on his own to the bathroom without any fear. I saw peter again for acute bronchitis 3 months after taking the first dose, and after reviewing the symptoms, I had him take one more dose of the Tuberculinum Bovinum 1M. He did well on it, and he repeated the remedy 3 more times and since, he had no problems with deep respiratory infections, and he goes to the bathroom on his own without fear. He also shows some calmness in his demeanor.