A 87 year old man with Shingles | Classical Homeopathy by Francine Kanter


A 87 year old man came to see me with a case of shingles located on his back, and spreading onto the left side of the abdomen.

He had severe eruptions, red, blistering. The pain he experienced at the time was like splinters and fire. It was excruciating. He was very restless all day long and could not find any rest.

His low back was aching, worse on the left side.

Despise the severe pain he was in, he had a good sense of humor, and was very talkative.

He went to consult a physician which he prescribed him Valtrex 500mg, 9 pills per day and Tylenol 500mg, 2 pills every 4 hours if needed for pain.

He started this protocol to no avail. So, finally he came to consult me.

After consulting with the patient, taking his full medical history and reviewing his specific symptoms, I analyzed the case and gave him the Homeopathic remedy Rhus-Toxicodendron 200c, 3 granules every 2 hours for the first day, and told him to diminished the frequency if the healing was progressing.

Since the Valtrex medication and the Tylenol was not working so far, he decided not to take it anymore and concentrate only on the Homeopathic remedy I suggested to him.

On the second day of being on the Homeopathic remedy, the pain was reduced by at least 75%, and the blisters were already healing.

I recommended to continue taking the remedy for a few more days to make sure to not have any more eruptions.

He called me two weeks after and stated that the healing process was going really well. He was in a very little pain, and needed to take the remedy once a day only. After a period of four weeks, he was completely fine.