Menopause and weight gain!


What causes weight gain at menopause? Why are the low calorie diets that worked in your younger years no longer effective? What changes can you make to your diet, exercise, and lifestyle regime to combat menopausal weight gain?
While going thru menopause, there are a huge hormonal combination change. Estrogen and Progesterone are the two main hormones where you will find the most imbalances.
A change in either of those hormones can produce hot flashes, insomnia, vaginal dryness, mood swings, increase of body weight, lack of energy, depression, anxiety.
During this transition, There is a natural redistribution of fat over the abdomen and hips. That may be due in part to changes in the endocrine system; but weight gain most likely results from reduced muscle tone, reduced physical activity, increased appetite and calorie intake, and other effects of the aging process.
As menopause is a natural phase in a women’s life, there are a few alternative treatments that are very effective to relieve symptoms and bring back balance in the women’s body and life.

Realize you are far more carbohydrate reactive and stress sensitive after menopause. Which means the carbohydrates you used to be able to eat that did not affect your waistline may now be too many and do just that. The stressful exercise and lack of sleep you could tolerate in your younger years, while still remaining lean, will now start to show itself on your waist.
To deal with these hormonal impacts, you will now need a hormonal approach to body change.
Hormonal changes can be controlled and lowered nicely by relaxing activities. These include leisure walking (to be distinguished from power walking), restorative yoga (to be distinguished from intense yoga), Tai Chi, as well as massage, sauna, and other restorative non-exercise practices.
Increase the amount of vegetables, and proteins.
Avoid sugar, starchy foods.

Drink plenty of fluids.

After starting an effective change in your life style, consider Homeopathy along with it, in order to support the hormonal system and to bring a deep healing.
Homeopathy is an alternative medicine that balance hormones and re-establish health in the women’s system in all levels, mental, emotional, and physical.
Homeopathy will help not to react to stress, having a stable mood, restore sleep pattern and feeling much better.